Ten Vaarwerk has been innovating in metal machining since 1964.
Always working with you, our customer, we push the boundaries to see how far we can go – and we haven’t reached the limit yet.

In 1964 the twin brothers Herman and Gerard ten Vaarwerk set up a metalworking company making parts for the mechanical engineering industry. When their brother Ben came on board, precision machining was added to the portfolio of services and the company started specialising in thermoforming moulds.

Nowadays Ten Vaarwerk is a modern company in which a team of highly motivated engineers design and make high-precision moulds and parts. Ten Vaarwerk is part of the dexter Group.

dexter Group

Besides Ten Vaarwerk, the dexter Group is made up of dexter MT, Coremans and Formital. The four companies are independent but often tap into each other’s knowledge and experience.

In 2004 the thermoforming moulds department became dexter MT (Mould Technology), while precision tooling continued at Ten Vaarwerk. The family business Coremans was acquired in 2008. Based in Rilland in the Dutch province of Zeeland, Coremans manufactures injection moulds and blow moulds. Formital designs thin-walled thermoformed packaging for food, horticultural, logistics and industrial uses.