We handle every order as if it had come straight from your customer and as if we were an extension of your company.

When you deal with us at Ten Vaarwerk you soon notice that we are driven professionals who are totally committed to every project. It could be a series production job involving just one precision machining operation, but more often it’s likely to be a complex project that calls for a range of machining techniques. At Ten Vaarwerk, we work with you to ensure the best outcome for your project.

Development and Engineering

Many projects begin with a brainstorming session. Then we start fleshing out the ideas and move on to the drawings, the engineering, production and any assembly that’s needed. Our job is done when you have your production up and running smoothly and your customer is happy with the end-product. We also sit down with you to work out the most efficient way for you to set up your processes. You’ll get the most out of our engineers by bringing them in on a project as early as possible.


Teamwork has always been the motto at Ten Vaarwerk. By sharing knowledge and making use of each other’s expertise, we can successfully implement even the most challenging projects. We handle every order as if it had come straight from your customer and as if we were an extension of your company. We work with you in the interest of your customers.

It’s impossible to predict how long an innovation is going to take, so we sit down with you to set the budget.


Once you have approved the design, we make the tools and moulds in our toolshop. All the work is done in-house, enabling us to keep a close eye on costs and progress. As our customer you are always welcome to follow the progress of the work.

Quality control

The very small margins we work to are meticulously checked in our measuring chamber using state-of-the-art measuring equipment. We are familiar with the various quality systems that our customers and our customers’ customers use and work to the same standards.


Moulds and tools consist of multiple parts. Ten Vaarwerk can assemble these parts into a whole. All moulds and tools are thoroughly tested after assembly, giving you the peace of mind of knowing they will work flawlessly.

Transfer moulding

We can test the operation of your transfer moulds on our special test equipment. The benefit of this is that we can quickly make any adjustments that may be needed. This is an extra service from Ten Vaarwerk which our customers regularly make the most of.